my artwork at Banff

Here are the artworks I showed at Banff at the IUFRO conference.

old cones

Beetle killed pine forest sunlight indian paintbrushes tapestry

Indian paintbrushes under poplars swamp spruce stem lichen coverd branches

edge study 6edge study 5

Bark beetle drawing #78 Bark beetle drawing #85

denim pine gallery

The last artwork, Denim Pine Gallery,is a collaboration between Bill Horne, Claire Kujundzic and I.


4 responses to “my artwork at Banff

  1. Don’t think I’ve seen the first one before – very atmospherie I particularly like the way the irregular edge works. Tony

    • Thanks Tony, I know I love those edges, too. And that is my favourite of my series of large paintings about the forest. I made it in the spring this year.

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