Sinkut Mountain

july 18 013sm

july 18 003sm

Sinkut Mt is a different colour, but I’m still not sure if it’s better…next is the blue blue sky and then the geese.


6 responses to “Sinkut Mountain

  1. Annerose , I’ll bet this mural has been a fun experience to do! I’m not familiar with Sincut Mountain…are there any local stories or legends associated with it?

    • It has been a lot of fun!
      Sinkut Mt is only famous locally. It is the 4999th tallest peak in BC, I learned that on last week’s photo trip. It’s an old volcano cone. It’s 1480 m or 4864ft. We live in a really flat area so Sinkut is visible from a long distance pretty much from everywhere around Vanderhoof. We used to walk up it every summer when I was a kid but I haven’t been up for years.

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