10 responses to “mural project sketches

  1. They are great sketches, and combined they look good, why not do all three? OK, OK, no space, I know. Number 1 is my preferred sketch; whilst they are all good, No 2 is relatively sparse, and No 3 a little too busy. I also prefer the background composition in No 1 which pulls the image together. Tony.

    • Thanks for your kind words Tony. The seniors also like #1 but they want Sinkut Mt included. So I’m going to paint a combination of #1 and #3. It will be 4′ x 24′.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. I liked the layout of the trees in #1 kind’a gives an encapsulated feeling, focussing on the configuration of the birds whilst still allowing the feeling of movement to come through. Great picture,I hope your Seniors appreciate your work. Tony

  2. Hi annerose, these are lovely. My mom is in an assisted living facility with garden murals in the hallways. Just yesterday we were commenting how cheery they are and she told me she just enjoys them every day. Very kind of you to do this 🙂 Sharon

    • Thanks Albertus, the Trumpeter swans are relative newcomers. Canada Geese have been the symbol of Vanderhoof for a long time and that is what the seniors wanted. And I have to say the seniors are the boss in this project!

  3. I think it’s so generous how you show your process in all of your work. I love seeing how people work. I think this is going to be great. 4×24. Holy smokes!! I think it will be a lovely addition to the centre.

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