Al Rempel wrote a poem that connects with my painting

DSC_8600 sm500

My painting, Coyote coloured, was in an exhibit called Ekphrasis at the Groop Gallery, visual artists presented their work to invoke inspiration from Prince George poets and literary artists. Al Rempel wrote a poem that connects with my painting, and with his permission, here it is. Thanks Al!

Coyote Coloured

I don’t know what songs he sings between the pines
or what he cantilevers off that loose heart of his,
singing to keep those dark towers from needling him
from above, a small fire to keep his thoughts tight,
small at the corners, smaller than the plume of dust
he dragged into the forest, parachuting out behind his car,
dispersing into silence, beyond the drone of the highway
and every other living thing, except the night creatures,
he thinks, who’ve gathered just outside the lick of firelight,
the trees’ bark gone from pitch to coyote coloured
to the darkest of shadows that can only hint
at the shapes rising around him, so he sings, he sings
and stares at the fire, the dance of flames
more comfort to him than the highway had been,
stares until the whole forest is burning before him,
everywhere he looks: the pines, the boulders,
the stars overhead, the coniferous canopy,
all aflame with movement impossible to track,
passes before his eyes, is gone, is back, is gone
again until he has nothing left, but to feed the fire
that feeds him

Al Rempel


11 responses to “Al Rempel wrote a poem that connects with my painting

    • Thanks for your detailed compliment of the painting Anita. It was made last year in April, when those earth colours are the colours of this place.

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