the importance of dirt


The painting’s oomph is back, yay!
All parts of the painting deserve to be important, deserve to shine, even (especially) the plowed soil in the background.  And the colour is somewhat close. Yay! I worry about dirt colour only because, for me, dirt (including it’s colour), is so important.
Not done, but on a better track.


11 responses to “the importance of dirt

    • Thanks Tony for the hint, it’s art so don’t worry, there is no cheating!
      I’ve thought of taking a container of soil up to my studio for reference, but the soil changes so much depending on the rain or sun and the light. As does life, (that’s almost cosmic)…

      • Yeah, and of course the mud dries a different colour, but maybe it adds a spiritual aspect – like leaving a bit of your DNA in the paint. Talking of cosmic, I met a sculptor who would hide things (a dead frog, water collected at the height of a storm, etc.) inside his work because he said their cosmic energy would be detected by the observer…..????? Really? Did i say that I like your work? – I do. Tony

      • Well thanks so much for liking my work. Your artwork is pretty cool too. I thought I might stir up something with the cosmic reference… Thanks for the fun comment.

    • Thanks so much Yuki, that is such a nice comment. You describe very well what I try to do, in part, with my painting. And I think your photos are fantastic.

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