the forty acre field


They were seeding this week.


8 responses to “the forty acre field

    • Thanks Sharon! It is peaceful and very quiet except for the giant tractors… those are trembling aspens and I really like their bark too. It’s very interesting closeup…

      • Those tractors do rumble don’t they :-). I have three quaking aspens in my small yard and love them. This is such a lovely image.

      • Yes but only twice a year, at planting and harvest. 🙂 Aspens are our main deciduous tree, very abundant throughout the area. Awesome at this time of year and especially colourful in October.

  1. I look forward to more aspen images from you in the fall! Also, annerose your paintings are so lovely. They remind me of the vintage posters of an historical rail service called South Shore Line (near Chicago). Your paintings evoke these images, especially the autumn ones.

    • How nice of you to say that, Sharon! I also like aspen trees (we call them poplars) and we also have some in our yard. I look forward to more landscape photos from you as well.

  2. Love your photos, Annerose. This place, this view; a perfect place to sit and to dream.

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