attracted to the shiny and new


so far this is way more exciting, maybe I’m shallow and attracted to the shiny and new…

(But I really do believe that I need to be strongly engaged in the painting, not bored, not just going through the motions, in order for it to work out….)


12 responses to “attracted to the shiny and new

  1. I think that makes total sense. If you’re not engaged with a piece how will anyone else be? This one is looking great so far. Is that one in disgrace propped up against the wall behind?

    • Right, exactly (about engagement)! Last week’s painting is stapled to the back of the white sheet of plywood, the same sheet of plywood that has the new one stapled to the front side. So this sheet of plywood has is a painting stapled to each side. Those two pieces of plywood leaning against the wall are from when I made relatively smaller, 4 foot square, paintings….

  2. I like this start as well because the suggestion of space is more open. The previous work was very wall-like and it seemed hard to get past the initial surface.

    • This one is much more open, the other painting was from the middle of the bush and much more close-up. A little claustrophobic. The problem of how to represent the healthy spring forest remains unsolved for me for now…

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