not excited about this painting


I’m just not very excited about this painting. It doesn’t convey the warmth and happiness of the first non-snow days. I’m going to set it aside for awhile and start on a new labrador tea one tomorrow. I try to not give up on them too soon but I hate to work for days on a painting that just doesn’t have it. The bottom right isn’t too bad, but the rest, not great.

(It’s hard to be indoors, the weather is so unbelievably fantastic. Last Sunday, we had a several cm (2inches) of fresh snow and today it’s almost 30  (85) above!)


9 responses to “not excited about this painting

  1. I do not see anything wrong with this painting but I am not you. Revisiting at a later day works for me. Its going to be hard to paint indoors when its so nice out of doors. Sigh…..

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Susan. The nice weather is to blame for why I paint so much more in the winter. Sigh indeed.

  2. I know the feeling…about the painting, last snow here was by end of march…love winter, but dont’ miss it right now….

    • Thanks jmro. this painting just is not working, I’m already happy about doing something different. I love winter too, but spring is just so exciting!

    • Thanks so much Elena, for the vote of confidence,I’m sure I’ll like it better in a couple weeks, in the meantime, a change of painting

  3. I remember reading something about Picasso who remarked that if only one little area in a hard to resolve painting was working for him…he would paint that part out and move on. Do you also do plein air painting? It’s a way to get your brush work outside for a change.

    • Yes there’s a lot of wisdom there! I don’t paint outdoors, even though I’m outside a lot, I find it too cumbersome. I know a lot of people just love it, but not me. I do sometimes sketch outside, especially in the summer…

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