spring comes – part 4

The bird migration is just so awesome!

Everyone has a bird, that for them really marks the start of spring. For me it is juncos, when I see juncos I know that winter is on its way out. It can snow,  like today, but it’s pretty much half-hearted.


It goes like this:

Week One
Trumpeter swans

Week two
Canada geese, Mallard ducks, Oregon Juncos, Herring gulls, Redwinged blackbirds, Various hawks., Various ducks, Robins

Week three
American kestrel, Some kind of sparrow (not white crowned or swamp), Mountain bluebirds



In contrast, these are our winter birds: Crows, ravens, Pine grosbeaks, chickadees, redpolls, Hairy woodpeckers and Downy woodpeckers.




6 responses to “spring comes – part 4

    • Thanks so much Karen, that is fine praise indeed, coming from the maker of the most amazingly beautiful photographs! You’re right, it is a photograph, I do want to paint some swans soon…

    • Juncos in the winter! Wow that is a switch! They need to be somewhere in the winter, I’m glad they are at your place.
      Now for week four I saw longbilled curlews, sandhill cranes and swamp sparrows. And the trumpeter swans have somewhat moved on. Still to come are tree swallows, white crowned sparrrows and killdeers… and probably some others that I can’t think of now…

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