It’s almost spring.


Almost spring.
9″ x 22″
2013 acrylic

It’s almost spring. Actually it’s snowing like crazy…  but in two weeks there should be geese.


And the start of another painting, a glimpse of the forest seen through branches.


And I’m trying to finish this, I worked on the tree on the right. Maybe it will be done…

All in all, a very good day in the studio.


4 responses to “It’s almost spring.

  1. When I worked in a more traditional art studio, I often enjoyed the feeling of working when the weather was less conducive for outdoor activities. There was a level of comfort and purpose within the studio that I enjoyed and wondered with all the snow you get if the same feeling of well-being applies to you?

    • Oh yes, I feel an instant sense of well-being right when I walk through my studio door. I also feel a real sense of purpose, a need to use my time wisely. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to have a studio, especially great when outside the wind is howling and snow blowing and it’s really cold. Thanks so much for your insightful comments!

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