The story of my snowshoe/photo


My daughter gave me snowshoes for Christmas a few years ago.They’re great! I used to cross-country ski but snowshoeing gets me around better through the bush. I have a some small trails at my place and  usually take my dog for a snowshoe/photo for an hour or two at least once on the weekend.

Lots of paintings come from these snowshoe/photos.

This part of my snowshoeing trail is the old stump road that connected two different fields. It’s all one field now.

The bush along the side of the stump road.

Rabbit (snowshoe (hehe) hare) tracks, there are always lots of these.

The field with an old moose track.

I try to break some new trail each time, here you can see my dog Kyle “swimming” through the deep snow following my track back.

You can see where moose chewed the bark of poplars. I don’t see how they can like it, it tastes so awful.

Cutting back through the bush to my place, hard to avoid twigs in my hair.

And over an old beaver dam, this part of the trail is so well packed I can walk on it with my boots. The beavers don’t live here anymore, there’s not enough food for them anymore. There used to be a lot of young poplars along the swamp but the spruce grew up. Also muskrats moved in and apparently they don’t get along. The forest, it’s a live thing, and changes.

The view of the cattail swamp with the willows all red, they feel the coming spring.

Kyle looking over the cattails. He sees a chickadee, that and a hairy woodpecker are the only wildlife we see today.


And here is my home.


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