not tight enough


Today I put stretcher bars together and stretched one of my painted canvases. I spray the front and back with water and the canvas tightens as it dries.

But I think I may need to redo this one, it seems I didn’t pull it tight enough… I do need to use those canvas pliers…


Here’s how it looks and with another stretcher bar set ready for the Logs painting, I’ll continue next time:DSC_7871sm

See this excellent instruction on stretching raw canvas at Anita Miller’s blog

3 responses to “not tight enough

  1. thanks for the link, Annerose. I have never stretched canvas after the painting is finished. It looks really difficult. I do have canvas pliers but, I never really got them to grab tight enough. I would have to have someone show me how this is done. Good luck!

    • It’s true there is much more preparation than actual painting.
      Thanks so much for your rambling visit around my blog, dropping kind comments here and there. It is so appreciated.

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