The story of the beetle killed trees

beetle_killed_pine_forest sm
44″ x 72″ acrylic on unstretched canvas

I think this painting is done.

Here’s the story of the Mountain Pine Beetle in BC.

It’s a native beetle that got way out of control, partly due to climate change but mainly because we didn’t allow forest fires to burn, resulting in way too much overmature pine in our region.We live on a high plateau, about 80% of all the trees are lodgepole pines. And they almost all died. All my own pines died too. It was truly devastating for the whole area. There’s been a short boom in logging as the mills try to salvage as much as possible before the trees fall over.

photo of dead pine sm

This happened here about 7 years ago and since then young trees have been just growing like crazy.


The whole thing has had a huge impact on my artwork.

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Natural Resources Canada info about Mountain Pine Beetle

BC Ministry of Forests info about Mountain Pine Beetles


4 responses to “The story of the beetle killed trees

  1. Well done ! 🙂
    There is concern that the beetle will rampage right across the country. So many changes as a consequence of the shifting climate.

    • Yes, I know perfectly well what you are talking about.
      The thing is that the beetles aren’t native to where they are eating+destroying.
      It is our fault because of the firewood we move around. It is a federal crime (since the infestation) to carry firewood across state borders.

      Powerful painting. Beautiful job. You captured the somber moment perfectly.

      • In our situation, the beetles are definitely native to this area. There’s just way too many of them…But the trees are growing again. It’s just that I won’t see the pine forest, how it was, in my lifetime…

        Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate your kind words!

    • Yes I’m sorry to hear that the beetle epidemic is moving east. Climate change is sure changing things in a big way. The good news is that young trees are growing quickly.

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