snowing… and thoughts about a new studio




I’m looking forward to getting into my studio again, been gone for more than two weeks…

I’ve been thinking… of renting a different studio space. I’ve had this fantastic space for about 5 years. In exchange for a few hours of photography each month, I get a studio space in our local college. I get coffee! don’t need to shovel the snow and have the use of two large tables and a computer. And the people at the college are so nice. And I don’t like change….

On the other hand I now share the space with gigantic video conferencing equipment, and need to leave when there is a video conference, and I have another very nice roommate. My space used to be unbelievably gigantic but now has really shrunk to about 8 square ft plus the computer space. It’s extremely hard for me to make the large 8 foot paintings I’m supposed to be working on. And it’s totally not a quiet space anymore.

So I don’t know…

There is a space available… probably about $100 per month and maybe it’s about 12 x 16 with north light…..

It’s got horrible green carpet, but that would get covered up with a tarp…

Just thinking…


2 responses to “snowing… and thoughts about a new studio

  1. A place to make one’s art is so important. Having to move from a place you were comfortable disrupts the process, but maybe the new studio will affect your art in a positive way. I have my basement and I also rent a space in an old church, but I really use these places more for storage.

    • Storage is always a problem! And I can imagine you need lots of space…
      My current studio is great it just keeps shrinking and it’s not really quiet at all. I hope it works better in the new space…

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