my studio was behind picket lines

For the last two days my studio has been behind a picket line! My union at the college, CUPE, was on strike , a job action against the government. And I couldn’t get in to paint, instead I got to walk the picket lines. Which is not nearly as fun as you might think. Very cold and very boring.

It was -12 c and not too windy but still very cold. I had on a toque, woolen sweaters, long johns, felt paks, and mitts and I was still frozen. And it was so boring! For excitement we waved to people driving by on the highway and counted the number of people driving while using their cell phones. Some very kind people brought us hot chocolate.

Anyway, the job action is over for now and it was very nice to be in my studio for a little while today…


2 responses to “my studio was behind picket lines

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your so kind words.
      I’m back in my studio again, it does feel good!

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