Thank you, Jules

Here are the award rules…

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. –  Jules from keep on drawing
Jules promises to keep drawing everyday, even just for a few minutes, and does, drawing lefthanded when she has an injury to her right hand. Very nice lose drawing, mostly portraits.

2. Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.

3. Tell them seven facts about yourself.

1. My dog’s name is Kyle.
2. I’m 5″6″ tall, but I feel taller.
3. I have a lot of field guides on my bookshelf.
4. I’m pretty lazy.
5. I like to read (novels) for at least an  hour every day.
6. We live 3 km down a gravel road and can’t see anyone’s lights from our house.
7. I make paintings.

4.Please go visit all of these blogs, they are fantastic artists making a variety of fantastic art!

Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.

1. Artist at Exit 0 Riverblog Each week Albertus goes for a wander along the littered Ohio river and makes sculptures from the garbage, takes photos, and weaves it all into a story.

2. Eoghan Bridge He is a prolific sculptor. I was so impressed with his “Soul Fields series of work. Also makes wonderful drawings and paintings.

3. Chris Kaan’s Visions of the Vortex Quirky photos mixed in with truly beautiful views of the beautiful Wyoming, always intriguingly titled.

4. Suze Woolf Suze has a deep connection to nature, Check out her rock texture paintings from her art residency in Utah.

5. Adrian Lucca Adrian makes very technical complicated fascinating colour studies.

6. Stephen B. MacInnis works in progress Painter’s Progress He’s on painting #1220 in his Long Series. Remarkable.

7. Anachroneironaut Meandering among monsters, bottles of ink, teeth, tentacles, old pens and various notebooks…

8. Chris Bellinger Art and Art Research.

9. Lea Helygain Adams blog, creative trail

10. My Still Life a personal repository of visual and literary expression, both found and self-initiated.

11. John Macormac art Irish mark maker/painter/digital artist new work

12.veronicacay drawer(n) from life

These bloggers are not interested in awards but they have fantastic blogs:

Anita Miller such a good painter from the Chicago area

Creative Potager I went to high school with Terrill. She was and is now very creative. She lives on an island! Be inspired!

draw and shoot Photography and Art by Karen McRae, probably the most elegant blog I have seen…

5. Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated.


9 responses to “Thank you, Jules

  1. Annerose, thanks so much for the mention. I love #s 4 and 6 above about yourself. I too am lazy…sitting with my cat and coffee right now! In regards to #6…that sounds wonderful, but a bit scary to me! But, I bet the night sky is breathtaking!!

    • You’re very welcome!
      I used to tell people that sitting around thinking or looking out the window for a long time was just part of the art-making process. But I’m really just pretty lazy…
      It is wonderful to live in a somewhat isolated area, we have lots of wildlife, and a fantastic night sky, although it’s cloudy and snowing tonight.

      • Thank you from me too!
        I love how you describe your place of living. I am looking forward to living somewhere similar in the future. I do have several years in a larger city ahead of me, though.

      • You’re very welcome!
        There are good and bad things about living here. It’s very far from art… but the internet brings it closer…
        and sometimes we get stranded in the winter, when the snow is too deep and the road is not plowed.
        But sometimes it is so quiet I can hear my heart beat. And the noisiest thing is the ducks in the spring. (Not counting the train whistle). I’ve lived in cities too and they are very cool, but I’m so happy to be here!

      • I grew up like that! Fortunately, we still own that little cottage and I am definitely imagining (sic?) myself living there for great parts of the year in the future.

  2. Annerose, thank you for the mention and your exceptionally kind words!
    I’m looking forward to peeking in on the other blogs you’ve nominated when I have a few minutes.
    With appreciation,
    Karen. =)

  3. Thank you for thinking of me Annerose and you are right, I am not one for blogging awards or awards of almost any kind but I do like connecting with other creative beings 🙂 So your mention is most appreciate. All the best, Terrill

    • Yes it took me awhile to catch on to this connecting part of blogging. It’s been great, and very nice to meet you again on the internet!
      And all the best to you

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