just one more thing…

44″ x 80″
acrylic on canvas
After fire

I spent the afternoon fixing up this painting. I thought I just had to brighten the green. But I kept doing “one more little thing” and “just one more small change”. It started out sort of like a list of chores, but by the end of the day I was right into it, singing to the radio (Cowboy Junkies concert).

There’s still a couple changes left to do, the main tree on the left needs to get more yellowish and the top of the main tree in the centre right needs to lose it’s flame-ish top.

But I’m pretty happy with it.



2 responses to “just one more thing…

    • Thanks, Anita, how what a nice description! I really like this one too. It’s a fantastic site, the burnt tree trunks are so charcoal black and the horsetails are so bright green it hurts your eyes. I’m looking forward to going out there again.
      I really appreciate your thoughtful comments!

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