Aha! (maybe…)

I had a good idea about my art this weekend, it actually came to me just as I was going to sleep.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be making these large narrative paintings of the forest. I’ve had this project in the back of my mind all summer worrying and wondering how to carry it out. Last week I worked on studies for one of them and that was tough slogging, mainly because I took most of the summer away from painting. And what I really want to do instead is paint more of those ditch tapestries.

So – why not make bush tapestries? Brilliant! Such a good idea! The tapestries are narrative in an abstract sort of way. They do work at a larger scale, for example Coyote coloured. And it’s actually very exciting to me to do this work.

Coyote coloured

this is the type of photo that would work…

I can’t wait for tomorrow to go try it out. Maybe it will be the aha of the year …


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