This week…

… I saw orange!

These are the pollen cones of young lodgepole pines along our driveway.

I’ve done lots of art about the severe epidemic of Mountain Pine Beetle that killed most of the pine in a huge (larger than the country of France!) area of our province. Including most of the trees in the pine forest around my house.

see more about the Mountain Pine Beetle, including photos, here.
And a map of the area affected here.


young pines are growing all over the place. So inspiring!

2 responses to “This week…

  1. Glad new trees are coming up and I hope they escape their pests this time. I think it is starting to hit home with people how vulnerable our tree heritage is. Just this week in my hometown newspaper was a story about the Emerald Ash Borer that is decimating ash trees from Michigan on down. These beetles have just reached Kentucky and there may come a time when our beloved Louisville Slugger baseball bats will need to be made of something different from ash wood. The stress North America’s trees are under from climate change, pollution, and imported bugs and diseases is not to be underestimated.

    • I totally agree. Some of those pests are introduced and are difficult for the forest to recover from.
      Our MP beetle is native but just sort of went crazy for about 10 years. The trees can recover but I’m sure there is more upheaval in the forest world.
      I try to remember that the forest is a live thing and always changing.

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