my studio

I’ve been greatly interested to see various artists post photos of their studios.
So here is the place I work. I have fantastic north light, can’t say enough about how good that is.


That last painting was not good, so now it’s painted over:

And here is what I painted on top of it.
I’m trying to paint the pattern of some saskatoon bushes in flower.
Needs more work but this is a better start.

4 responses to “my studio

  1. I love looking at other studio spaces too! It’s nearly as instructive as looking at the work produced within that space. Although I occasionally paint, I don’t think of myself as a painter and wondered if north light is all it’s cracked up to be? Maybe a dumb question??

    • I always thought it was over-rated too, but it’s great, no shadows or bright sunlight falling on the canvas!
      I used to paint at my kitchen table for years, trust me this is way better!
      I think there are great lights these days that can approximate daylight, and skylights.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I think my art has an abstraction style, but there is expressionism involved too.
      I don’t worry too much about what it’s called, I just paint in the way that works for me!

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