Hairy swamp spruces

I fixed up this older work from February.

30″ x 36″
acrylic on canvas
The light in my studio is so different to the light in the Wells studio; I had to change most of the snow at the top.

Tomorrow I’ll work on a new piece of canvas from my friend Chris. I’ve stapled it to half a sheet of plywood and have put on the first coat of gesso. Now, what to put on it? I’m leaning towards the red willows against a blue blue sky. It is the first day of spring after all.


2 responses to “Hairy swamp spruces

  1. Lovely composition! The color work reminds me a lot of many Scandinavian painters’ approach, not surprisingly, since I would guess it’s all influenced a bit by northern light’s effects.

    • Yes and the snow changes the colours so much. I’m happy to see more bright colours returning in spots.
      Thanks for following my blog I’ve been visiting yours.
      Very eclectic with lots f good words to go with the good art.

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